Wildlife TV

Summer Slow Jams 2018 – June
Minigames: The World is Alive

A twist on the classic sliding 15-tile puzzle!

PICO8 One Player Controls
Use UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT to slide the tiles. Hold ( Z ) or ( X ) and press UP or DOWN to flip tiles diagonally. 

PICO8 Two Player Controls
P1 – Move: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT; Buttons: ( N ), ( M )
P2 – Move: ( E ) ( D ) ( S ) ( F ); Buttons: ( TAB ), ( Q ) 

There's a couple secret minigames hidden, so please look for them!

Wildlife TV was created by a two team pair for the Summer Slow Jams put on by PIGSquad. We will continue to work on this beyond the game jam as not all of our ideas were realized in time for the deadline. 


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Some pico-8 love! 

Cool style :D

Some v good PICO-8 art skills here, good work! I am so bad at these little slidey puzzles but I actually got one and now I feel smart.